Hummelstown Parade

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 Hummelstown Halloween Parade Rules and Information


1) Parade formation will start at the eastern corner of Water Street and Poplar Avenue beginning at 6:15 p.m. To enter parade line up area, turn onto Prospect Street from Division Street, go down Prospect Street and turn left onto Poplar Ave and line up behind the last entry. (PLEASE double park and use full street width).  For assistance, look for members of the Parade Committee or Fire Company to help you line up for the Parade in an orderly manner.


2) Your registration number must be worn on your left arm or the left side of your vehicle so our judges may easily identify you as you pass them at Center Square. Fasten your number securely for judging purposes! Remember, without a number — you can’t win a prize!


3) No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the staging area and/or the line of parade.


4) All entries and participants are expected to follow appropriate public conduct at all times during the parade. If in the opinion of a parade official a participant’s behavior becomes inappropriate, they will be instructed to leave the parade.


5) Any entries consisting solely of advertising or expressing political viewpoints will not be allowed to participate in parade.


6) Please do not toss candy or other favors to crowd participants (If you wish, you may walk beside the crowd to hand out treats!) The Hummelstown Community Foundation and the Hummelstown Police Department wish to encourage “Safety First” throughout the Halloween Parade. NOBODY should be on any roadway area of the parade route except PARADE participants.


7) Each float / motorized vehicle driver must be the holder of a valid operator’s license and vehicle must bear a current registration for said vehicle.


8) All judged entries must have a Halloween theme. Walkers and float riders must be in costume and vehicle entries must be decorated.


9) Please follow instructions as you enter Center Square. You may be asked to stop momentarily to prevent a bottleneck in front of the Judges’ Stand. Spread out as you approach the Judges’ Stand, located on your left in front of Bowser’s Furniture Store. Performances for the Judges may not exceed 2 minutes in time. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated and will allow our judges to fairly evaluate each contestant and select winners.


10) Violations of parade rules or governmental regulations will subject participant to immediate disqualification and removal from parade.


11) The Parade Official’s decision on all issues will be considered final.


12) Prize winners will be emailed as to their winning and they may pick up their prize at the Hummelstown Borough Office.