Hummelstown Parade

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Hummelstown Halloween Parade

After much discussion and consideration the Hummelstown Halloween Parade Committee and
 the Hummelstown Community Foundation 
have announced that the 

2020 Halloween Parade icancelled 

We  have heard many comments on why the parade was cancelled, I will try to address some of them:

1. Why did the Borough Officials cancel the parade and allow other events to take place? First, the parade is NOT a borough run event, it is run by a committee that is part of the Hummelstown Community Foundation which is a group of volunteers who coordinate, plan and work various events for the citizens of our town.

2. There still are 2 months until the parade, why cancel now?  The parade is not just thrown together, this year's parade planing was started the day after last year's parade ended and the committee has worked on it all year long.  We have had entries that have registered 1 year in advance and we would have begun registration for those entrants in September and would have opened registration in October. Many of the parade participants develop, work on and build their entries months in advance and we wanted to give them as much notice as we could.

3. Why are other events allowed and not the parade?  On the night of the parade, in addition to the thousands who line the parade route, we line up and pack close to a thousand paraders into borough park and on the streets surrounding it. They are lined up close together, shoulder to shoulder and for this reason, by directive it is not allowed at this time.

So who makes up the parade committee?  There is one Chairman, who handles ALL parade planning, coordination, web design and email activity; he coordinates with the Hummelstown Borough, Police and Fire Department to obtain their help with the parade logistics; by himself, he handles registering and communicating with all the entrants, contacting them with their numbers and the parade rules; he contacts the various bands and coordinates with the Honor Guard, Town Mayor and the Miss Hummelstown Committee to arrange the beginning division of the parade. The day of the parade he compiles, prints and distributes the entrant lists for the judges and the announcers; he oversees the setup of the stage on the square, goes very early to the parade line up area and coordinates the lining up of the parade with the help of the rest of this committee and some of members of the Hummelstown Fire Department. He then starts the parade and makes sure it flows smoothly and all are safe and enjoy the event. After the parade he contacts the winners with instructions on how to obtain their prizes. The next day, is debriefing and planning the next year's parade. This position requires your time and attention for the entire month of October. 

The Committee Members: These consist of 3 volunteers, who lend their insight and time to develop, arrange and help coordinate the lining up of the parade and pedestrian and traffic control in the parade line up area. 

As you see, in addition to the many who watch the parade, there are many who plan, design, build and enter the parade with only a few who give up their time to make it actually happen. Over the years, we have asked for others to step up and join us in this rewarding but tiring adventure, AND NO ONE HAS. 

So if canceling this year's parade upsets you, go to the "Get involved" page above and sign up to help with or chair this event in the future. But, keep in mind, it's a long day, you don't get to watch the parade, you don't get candy, and you can not be with your family on this night.

Hummelstown Community Foundation announces Halloween Parade winners

The winners of the 2019 Hummelstown Halloween Parade are:

Judges Choice: “Lil Old Lady“ registered by Adalyn Knapp

Crowd Pleaser: "Zumba Fitness: Glow Big or Glow Home" registered by Kaitlin E. Kennedy

Walkers: Individuals

First place “Astronaut” registered by Anthony Fogle

Second place “Pennywise, The Clown” registered by Jay Frederick

Third place “Smore on campfire” registered by Ava Knapp

Walkers: Group

First place “Super Hero” Girl Scout Troop 10284

Second place “Walking Pirates” registered by Ben Hardison, Cecily, Nicole and Grace Phillips


First place “Camping” Cub Scout Pack 23 St Catherines

Second place "Scouts on the Farm" Cub Scout Pack 74

Third place “Have fun like minion, Join the Cub Scouts" Cub Scout Pack 201

*** Prizes are to be picked up at the Hummelstown Borough Building any day Monday to Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.  Prizes not picked up by Nov. 30, 2019 will be forfeited. ***


Date:  Monday, October 28, 2019


Rain Date:  NONE


Parade Formation Time:  6:15 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.


Parade Start Time:  7:00 p.m.


Registration: Online only at this site (click button below) 

                ***Registration opens October 1st and closes October 25th at 5 P.M.*** 

FIRE COMPANIES do not need to register, but may EMAIL company name and number of pieces that will be parading. (If you can indicate how many can roll with lights it will be a help) Also please note, as we use your trucks for lighting parade entrants, we may separate your units. CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Parade Lineup: Parade formation will start at Prospect and Division Streets beginning at 6:15 p.m. To enter parade line up area, turn onto Prospect Street from Division Street and line up behind the last entry. (PLEASE double park and use full street width).  For assistance, look for members of the Parade Committee or Fire Company to help you line up for the Parade in an orderly manner.  See parade rules


Parade Route:

The parade officially begins at the intersection of Water and High Streets, proceeds west on High Street, turns right onto Walnut Street, then right onto Main Street heading east. The parade will disperse just past the square at Water Street.